How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Cargo Theft

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Cargo Theft

Finding reputable freight forwarding companies can be stressful because of the fact that goods can be stolen during voyage. There is a growing volume of cargo thefts that are reported every year. Generally, commodities that are mostly targeted by thieves are those that can easily be sold on the black market. Food/drink, household goods, metals, and all kinds of electronics are the most common among other types of cargo.

Despite having all kinds of precautions, the volume of cargo that are stolen is still rising. Cargo theft occurs not only in high-risk areas. It can happen anywhere during transport and even before cargo leave the facility via identity theft. Here are tips on how to identify common cargo theft tactics so you can avoid becoming a victim:

Taking Extra Precautions in Securing Cargo on The Road

Straight cargo theft happens when the goods are stolen from its location. Truck stops, parking lots, and other areas where a cargo truck can park and a driver momentarily leaves the cargo unattended are common sites where this kind of thievery happens. This situation can be avoided by not leaving loaded trailers in high cargo theft areas. Use high security rear door locks and install landing gear locks when dropping a load for good measure.

Be Careful When Dealing with Any Carrier or Broker

Strategic theft can happen when the thieves try to use deceptive means in pursuing the cargo. The FMSCA is a good resource when checking for company information. Confirm identifications of drivers at the pick-up points. Also check for truck or trailer information provided by the company.

Be Aware of Cyber-Attacks

Thieves can use malware in stealing information that can be used to steal precious cargo. A strict implementation of cyber security can help recognize phishing emails and other forms of cyber-attacks. Company personnel must also be oriented about these things so they can help examine suspicious online interactions.

Constantly Track the Status of The Cargo

Drivers must follow a protocol in checking the goods every now and then. Inspecting the trucks for any signs of theft before reaching the destination will minimize lag in detection. Companies should have a cargo tracking system to monitor the location of the cargo. GPS trackers are also useful technologies both in monitoring and locating stolen goods.

Taking Positive Steps in Thwarting Cargo Theft

Freight forwarders should be responsible enough to offer extra layers of cargo protection for their customers’ cargo. Everyone in the logistics chain should stay vigilant at all times.

Drivers must be aware of different protocols that will secure every load they carry. Warehouse workers must be trained to recognize any cyber-attack that could potentially be related to cargo theft. The warehouse facility itself should be equipped reliable safety technologies. As for the companies, using new technology and reinforcing existing security will help forge a trusting relationship with the customers. It is important that everyone works as a team and have all parties involved in keeping all cargo safe.