STC logistics can coordinate the fulfillment of samples and new products to your field Pharma reps and clients with accuracy, flexibility and total transparency. We keep your reps out in the field with preset appointment times, pinpointed delivery schedules, and flexible delivery locations to accommodate your schedules. Our Pharma logistics team will coordinate directly with your clients to ensure proper delivery and the verification of all products received. STC's Standards of Excellence assure that all deliveries are controlled correctly.

We offer direct, non-stop routes, appointment delivery two-hour window guarantees and custom built PharmaTrak software that affords you the luxury of the total visibility. PharmaTrak shows not only tracking information but also all correspondence between your representatives, clients and our team of experts. Understanding that the security of your shipments can not be compromised, our operating system utilizes up to 36 status checkpoints throughout transit to ensure each individual shipment. Visibility is provided through our online web portal to all of our clients. Systems are maintained by our customer service representatives and updated in real-time.

Our Ship-Pharma program has been successfully distributing pharmaceuticals for more than 10 years. Our less than one percent damage rate is directly attributed to our ability to reduce excessive handling. Our express truck service provides minimal handling, scheduled departures and arrivals, direct line-hauls to 130 major cities nationwide, and secure cross-docking facilities. STC has relationships with all major cargo and commercial airlines in addition to being a NVOCC allowing us to expedite any shipment. Verification and restricted signature procedures incorporated in our Standards of Excellence, along with specialized white glove services, ensure your samples are handled and delivered correctly every time, no matter the destination.

Whether pharmaceutical logistics solutions involve goods that are being shipped by air, land or sea, STC will ensure that cargo arrive promptly and undamaged.

Main Features

  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Packaging Management Assessment
  • Pharma-track software
  • STC's Standards of Excellence guidelines
  • Expedited Services
  • White glove services

Pharmaceutical Logistics
STC's Standards of Excellence


Our premier trucking service with pin-point transit times for pharmaceutical sample delivery service. Our direct-line hauling system ensures minimal damage and exact transit times guarantee.

Ship-Pharma is a pharmaceutical shipping provider servicing pharmaceutical companies and their fulfillment partners.
  • Secure, direct, non-stop routes require less handling ensuring secure deliveries.
  • Your critical time-sensitive shipments are safe, proven by a less than 1% damage rate.
  • Appointment deliveries are guaranteed to arrive in a two-hour window; your reps can be in the field, not wasting time waiting for shipments to arrive.
  • Our expert customer service reps are carefully trained to manage your shipments while maintaining our software to give you total visibility on each and every shipment.
  • Over 40 years experience in specialty need commercial shipping means we can handle shipments of all weights, sizes or values.
  • Direct, non-stop routes ensure secure delivery with the least amount of handling. Handling is a prime opportunity for your shipment to be lost, damaged or stolen. Direct route shipping offers the fewest handling points, so your shipment arrives how it left every time.
    - Cameras in the warehouse
    - Satellite Tracking
    - Total visibility
  • With temperature-controlled shipments - your delicate products are kept in optimal conditions
  • Deliveries are guaranteed to arrive in a two-hour window - keep your reps in the field. Allowing reps to sell. Smart Pharmaceutical Shipping is the solution you can see in your bottom line. Restricted Signature ensures only the consignee signs for your controlled products and with pinpointed delivery times reps remain in the field.
  • Our custom-built PharmaTrak software offers total visibility and accountability for all shipping information and correspondence between your reps and our team. See your shipments, globally and individually, in real time. Know when it departed, where it is, and when it will arrive.
  • Personal, expert customer service 24/7 - Never get lost in the phone maze. You can always reach one of our customer service professionals and get the assistance you need.


PharmaTrak gives you complete visibility in real time.
  • Know when your shipment departed, where it is, and when it will arrive.
  • Coordinate and track multiple shipments simultaneously.
  • Track deliveries from multiple vendors to one location, or one vendor to multiple locations.
Complete Visibility & Accountability
  • With PharmaTrak you have constant access to accurate information convering the entire shipping process, from pickup through delivery.
Custom Staging
  • Arrange how your shipment is loaded into the truck and receive signed confirmation. Let us consolidate and organize your distribution for the most cost effective solution.
Track Orders
  • Track orders down to the individual box, even if your shipment features 100 separate orders going to 100 different destinations across the country.
Satellite-tracked transit
  • We know where your orders are at all times, and so will you.
Time-Stamped Notes
  • See all correspondence between your reps and our team, including sheduling of delivery appointments thru Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.).
Total Customization
  • PharmaTrak can be tailored to your unique needs whether you represent a pharmaceutical company or are a fullfillment partner.
  • Custom Reports
    - Redirected in transit shipment reports
    - Product Variance Report
    - Rep. Missed Delivery Report
    - Damage Report
    - Invoice Audit Report
    - In-transit Change Reports - adjust your shipping
    - Information at any time
    - Adaptability - PharmaTrak can track details unique to your shipment for added accountability
Easy Access
  • PharmaTrak is Web-based and accessible from any computer computer by any authoirzed person in your compnay. All shipping information is always available.
  • Ability to upload orders in mass via FTP or excel for multiple shipment distributions


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