When Do You Need An On-Board Courier?

When Do You Need An On-Board Courier?

Today, a wide range of logistics solutions exist to transport materials and substances of different classifications and priorities. Certain goods need to be transported by hand and this often leads to companies using the on-board courier (OBC) option. Also known as hand carry shipments, OBC involves the expedited transportation of fragile goods, perishables, antiques, or other materials of extreme importance that are needed in an emergency. As the items often require someone to hold it during the entire logistics process, the courier will carry the item onto the plane and then deliver it by hand to the client’s location.

A Growing Demand for On-Board Courier Services

The need for OBC and other specialty air shipping services has been gradually growing from its all-time-high since 2001. If you want to know if an on-board courier service is the right choice for you, you have come to the right place!

When Should You Use On-Board Courier Services?

  • When the buyer or seller needs it the item urgently

From sentimental items to industrial materials, many items are needed urgently across the country or the world. In this case, using an on-board courier service is recommended as it is one of the fastest methods of getting the item to its destination.

  • When the items are perishables

Various multi-national organizations depend on a few high value products that might require testing or certification on a global stage. Because some of their samples may be perishable, they need to expedite their shipments securely via OBC. In fact, healthcare companies, chemical companies, and biological research organizations often use such services to transport their perishable and high value samples and products.

  • When high value commodities need to be shipped

Certain items might cause the company to lose millions of dollars if they get damaged or lost along the way. In this case, these companies are better off shipping their items via OBC. Common examples include high-end jewelry and tech-related prototypes.

What are the Benefits of On-Board Courier Solutions?

Although it might seem redundant to fly someone halfway across the world to send a package or two in hand. Certain items, however, validate the OBC model. Below is a quick look at some of the main benefits of using OBC solutions:

  • Highly secure

When an item is shipped via OBC, it will be listed as a property of the courier. This means that the item will always remain in the person’s possession. As most carry-on sized cargo is not checked into the aircraft, there are fewer chances of the item being sabotaged, stolen, mixed-up, and tampered.

  • Easy to track

Given the nature of the goods being transported, the courier will provide constant updates for the client, e.g., live updates of the asset’s current location. This means that the client can enjoy optimal control of their shipment. Compared to regular courier services, OBC services tend to utilize the safest and fastest routes rather than just the economical ones.

  • Protects high-value assets

specialty aviation components, high-value antiques, and Intellectual Property (IP) documentation are assets that are too sensitive to be delivered via regular courier services. Therefore, on-board courier services ensure that these items can be shipped at a moment’s notice while keeping their intended use and/or value intact.