S.T.A.R. Track

(Shipping, Tracking, Accounting, Reporting)

Available to all our customers by simply registering on our home page, our S.T.A.R. Track system offers real time data updates. Your data is uploaded from our suite of internal operating systems. STC Logistics S.T.A.R. System will provide all shipment information from Dispatch to Delivery. We believe that each individual shipment has a life of its own from Pick up to P.O.D. (Proof of Delivery) . Our system can have up to 36 status updates for the life of each shipment, always know where your shipment is while in route. Access you final invoice and download crucial reporting with your online login.


Technology based solutions for your shipping needs means that all logistics are processed at high speeds, thus ensuring optimal delivery times.

Get REAL TIME Data Updates

36 POINT Tracking On Each Individual Shipment


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