Over the last 18 years many of us have worked with STC Logistics. I manage transportation for all new store openings, remodels and special fixture rollouts. For the month of January alone, STC is moving 5 separate LTL rollouts from multiple vendors. These rollouts consist of 6548 delivery locations with a hard stop date of Jan 31, 2019. In addition to LTL services, we also utilize STC's full truckload division within the contiguous 48 and periodically send shipments to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. STC is our go-to for time-sensitive or fragile freight. It pays to have confidence in your partners and we consider STC Logistics an extension of our team. We are very pleased with the staff at STC, they are always quick to respond if we are not able to get the information we need from there online tracking services. The technology is responsive and easy to navigate. I highly recommend STC as a partner.

Sr. Transportation Administrator
Large Retailer Boston MA Area

Our entire team relies on STC Logistics, for everything from large scale International shipments, to intricate white glove installations and everything in-between. We can rely on their extensive customer service team at all hours, to help support with any need. STC is a valuable partner for our Logistics needs.

Senior Manager Retail Concepts
Large Retailer Portland OR Area

In the past, STC primarily provided logistics services to our company. They started construction work with us a little over a year ago. The construction department started with smaller projects to ensure their capability. These led to larger more detailed programs as we were always satisfied with their work. About six months ago upper management requested a beauty department refresh on 700+ stores, removing the old fixtures and replacing with all new. Each location was specifically store based and no plans were provided to installers. An eight-vendor rollout with over 3900 shipments through the US that needed to be complete in 9 weeks. Most said it wasn't possible. When this was brought to my attention, my first thought was STC. I knew with their experienced freight management team (who digs into all our projects with the upmost importance of detail) along with the project management team at STC coordinating nationwide install teams, they could handle this job. An additional piece of the success aiding this project was the ability to manage the entire program through their web-based portal. Aspects of the portal were created specific to our needs and customized for our ease of use. We had firm dates that needed to be hit, with a start date of 09/10/18 and a completion date of 11/16/18, ensuring completion before the holidays and not effecting shoppers. STC was up for the challenge. This project that started and completed on the day it said it would, is a testament to the work from STC. They managed the project from the beginning to end with minimal questions. STC has grown to be a key part of our construction department.

Construction Project Lead
Large Retailer Boston MA Area

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