Technology & Electronics

In today's world, everything is technology based. STC Logistics has thrived in shipping high end products since day one. From Medical Equipment, Digital signage, Computers, etc. our vetted network can be the difference in lowering to nearly eliminating your damage rate. Our network uses a direct line haul system that limits the amount of handling. With this limited amount of handling, your product has the best chance for secure transport.

Does your servers or computers have sensitive data that needs to be brought to a wiping facility. Our system will give you status reports from pick up to delivery. We can also provide you with the data destruction documents if needed.

We have the ability to crate or package your high end products for shipping worldwide. We can also install and setup your products with our IT Installers nationwide. STC logistics is the answer for today's Technology driven marketplace.

Main Features

  • Thrive in shipping high end products
  • Focus on eliminating your damage rate
  • Limited amount of handling
  • Status reports from pick up to delivery
  • Crating or packaging of your high end products
  • Installation and setup your products


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