STC Logistics has worked in the Healthcare sample delivery space for many years. Through our extensive experience with Pharmaceutical Sample deliveries, we have built an online system specifically designed to not only track your shipments, but our logistic professionals correspondence with your sales representative. Our goal is to keep your Sales representatives in the field instead of waiting for their product to deliver. Part of our program includes pin-point time specific deliveries, Live or Automated appointment scheduling, and Onsite product verification with your representative onsite. STC delivers to residential or storage facilities which ever is best for your program. Do you have Temperature controlled product, the PharmaTrack system will publish your temp reading throughout transit. Know how your product is handled at all times.

Main Features

  • Complete Visibility & Accountability
  • Custom Staging
  • Satellite-tracked transit
  • Time-Stamped Notes
  • Total Customization
  • Easy Access

PharmaTrak Details

PharmaTrak gives you complete visibility in real time.
  • Know when your shipment departed, where it is, and when it will arrive.
  • Coordinate and track multiple shipments simultaneously.
  • Track deliveries from multiple vendors to one location, or one vendor to multiple locations.
Complete Visibility & Accountability
  • With PharmaTrak you have constant access to accurate information convering the entire shipping process, from pickup through delivery.
Custom Staging
  • Arrange how your shipment is loaded into the truck and receive signed confirmation. Let us consolidate and organize your distribution for the most cost effective solution.
Track Orders
  • Track orders down to the individual box, even if your shipment features 100 separate orders going to 100 different destinations across the country.
Satellite-tracked transit
  • We know where your orders are at all times, and so will you.
Time-Stamped Notes
  • See all correspondence between your reps and our team, including sheduling of delivery appointments thru Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.).
Total Customization
  • PharmaTrak can be tailored to your unique needs whether you represent a pharmaceutical company or are a fullfillment partner.
  • Custom Reports
    - Redirected in transit shipment reports
    - Product Variance Report
    - Rep. Missed Delivery Report
    - Damage Report
    - Invoice Audit Report
    - In-transit Change Reports - adjust your shipping
    - Information at any time
    - Adaptability - PharmaTrak can track details unique to your shipment for added accountability
Easy Access
  • PharmaTrak is Web-based and accessible from any computer computer by any authoirzed person in your compnay. All shipping information is always available.
  • Ability to upload orders in mass via FTP or excel for multiple shipment distributions


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