Retail Portal

Our Retail Portal for New store openings, Remodels, & Fixture Rollout projects can organize even the most complex multi-vendor plans. STC's proprietary software coordinate all of your Vendor Shipments, Site Surveys, Build outs, and Installations. Whether your project consists of 20 or 8000 Locations our Retail portal will allow you to access information in bulk or individual by store. With so many different people involved in the successful launch of a New store or a project rollout, STC's Retail portal is the perfect tool to keep all parties well informed every step of the way. Each party depending on their individual role in the launch, will have access to only the information needed to preform there role, ensuring data security when multiple vendors and installers involved. Not only will our Retail Portal provide you with the Data you need, documents, pictures, packing slip information can also be downloaded so that you can stay focused on EXPEDITING YOUR BRAND GROWTH.

Main Features

  • Proprietary Software
  • New Store Openings
  • Remodels
  • Fixture Rollout Projects


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