Five Tips for Freight Shipping Success

Freight shipping is an option that can save businesses time and money. A reputable third party logistics provider (3pl) has a vast network of carriers, discounts and insurance options that will help make freight shipping a hassle free experience. If the items that you are shipping are bulky, over-sized or on a pallet, then you are in need of a freight shipper.

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Here are five tips to ensure your freight shipping success:

  1. Streamline your processes. The best way to prevent logistical nightmares is to streamline your internal management process and outsource task related job functions. Allowing your logistics partner to use their network and systems enables you to stick to your core competencies. A third party logistics provider can decrease your company’s lead times, improve rates and allow you to step back and focus on the bigger picture of your company. A quality 3pl will provide real time updates for your shipment online and also be able to integrate with your systems. This will enable you to keep on top of your product pick to delivery at all times.
  2. Choose a Provider. Make sure that before you choose a logistics company, you understand their basic service packages, pricing structures, turnaround time. Another important thing to learn is how/if the vendor can handle large-scale distribution/rollouts. A good 3pl will be able to coordinate these large projects efficiently while offing volume discounts.
  3. Consider freight dimensions. Dimensions should be rounded to the nearest inch and include width, length and height. Carriers rely on freight dimensions to determine the number of individual loads for a specific truck.  Dimensions are essential information in order to know the various shipping options a good 3pl should have.
  4. Be mindful of packaging. Crating or palletizing your freight shipments will ensure that your freight is not damaged in transit.
  5. Label your shipments clearly. Every box or crate in your shipment should have a label which indicates both the shipper and consignee complete address. If your packages get separated, a clear and informative label will be necessary. Additionally, you may add shipper and consignee phone numbers, bill of lading number, carrier pro number and the date shipped. Online pickup requests can provide you with an electronic bill of lading that can help streamline the pickup process.

If you’re not sure who to select for your third party logistics provider, you may need a checklist of information to help you out. It is critical that your logistics vendor is superior with customer service, integrated technology and service flexibility. Download STC Logistics’ free checklist, “What to Look for in a Third Party Logistics Company,” for more information on 3pl providers. If you are ready to move forward, Contact Us today.