STC offers decades of knowledge and experience in the international cargo transport industry. Our freight services are managed by experienced routing specialists who will ascertain the particulars regarding your shipment. We'll ask about the commodity you're shipping, it's size and weight, when it is ready for pickup and when it needs to arrive at destination. Our highly trained and service-oriented team will tailor a transport solution that will allow for on-time delivery of the shipment to it's final destination in the most efficient and economical manner possible. STC staff, as well as our dedicated network of international service partners, are intimately familiar with all local customs laws and regulations. This professional experience will save you time, money and provide the peace of mind in knowing that your cargo will reach its destination efficiently, safely and in compliance with international laws and regulations.

At STC, we've concentrated on developing long term relationships with worldwide and domestic airlines, steamship lines, cartage companies and international service partners. Through these alliances, we are able to negotiate service and pricing solutions that provide our valuable clientele with cost effective import and export services globally.

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