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E.L.F. | Electronics Logistics Format

E.L.F. | Electronics Logistics Format

A proprietary logistics service – only available at STC.

STC’s Electronic Logistics Format (ELF) is the perfect tool for traffic managers who handle multi-location rollouts, major regional or nationwide distributions and pickup assembly service. The ELF program was designed to control the flow of information for all parties involved during a specific distribution.  

Here is how E.L.F. works:

• Once we receive a spreadsheet of pertinent information for your distribution, our team will draft a customized rollout or multi-destination distribution plan.  

• Before your freight is moved, clients will review and approve our logistical strategy, advanced pricing estimates and delivery date schedule.  In reality; our game plan with instructions outlining the course of events in detail, before the first pickup is made.

• Once the service order is approved, our IT department will publish the E.L.F. plan to a web-based viewing area.  Think of it as your own “mini-website” for this distribution alone.  This customized “mini-site” is linked to our internal operating system and will update the status of each individual shipment in real-time.  

• At your request all authorized parties can be given access.  From your corporate office personnel, distribution center managers, local warehouse managers, sales representatives, trusted nationwide vendors and even general contractors working onsite, whomever you deem necessary. 

With E.L.F. all involved parties are informed and confident, knowing that your shipments will pickup and arrive on-time and intact to all of your pre-determined destinations. With every move carefully prepared in advance, there’s no need to contact STC unless there are changes to the shipping process. 

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