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Customized Rate Program

STC’s Customized Rate Program

At STC, each shipment is individually analyzed using our Customized Rate Program to ensure that our clients are getting the most economical rates possible.

In the shipping business, logistics matter. At STC we understand things like modes of transportation, number of handlers, distance from major airports, shipment consolidation, delivery times and even packaging; all of which factor into the cost of your shipment. Using our Customized Rate Program, our experts will take the time to make your shipment the most logistically efficient as possible, saving you time and money.

STC works with our affiliates around the world to examine every possible mode of transportation, by utilizing every airport and transportation hub to make sure you are getting the finest service in the industry.

When picking up and delivering to major cities, STC looks at consolidation options. Your freight can be combined with existing shipments to produce substantial saving while getting your product to its destination on-time and undamaged.

The more information we have about your shipment, the better. Details enable our Rating & Pricing Department to explore options for cost savings, while sustaining STC Logistics Service Standards. Our computerized system issues individualized Rate Quote numbers, which are used when booking your shipment to ensure routing and rates are exact.

Our Sales and Logistics professionals will work diligently with your team to offer customized pricing based on consistent volume or individual distributions.