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Rail Vs. Truck: How Should You Ship?

Choosing between rail or truck shipments can be challenging. There are many factors that companies need to consider before making the final decision of how to ship each unique product. These factors include the size of the shipment, the amount of handling required, the amount of fuel used, time restraints and other services that can be put into consideration. Companies commonly overlook these important factors while deciding on the shipping option that best fits their needs. The goal is to avoid situations where products don’t arrive on time, the wrong equipment is used, damages are experienced and unnecessarily high costs are incurred. An entire shipment can be compromised if a single factor is neglected.

By downloading our free Rail Vs. Truck Checklist, you can analyze these key areas and determine which form of transportation you should choose to most efficiently move your next shipment. You can download the checklist by quickly filling out this form:


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