Why Do Messy Warehouses Often Spell Trouble?

Why Do Messy Warehouses Often Spell Trouble?

Do you store a high volume of products within the four walls, floor, and ceiling of a warehouse? If you do, look around for a moment. What do you see? Products, right? What else do you see? That looks like Joe’s stuff over there in the corner. Over there on the table there’s a bunch of food, plates, garbage, etc. Oh, and on the shelves next to the products to the left, there is a lot of stuff that’s not even identifiable at first glance.

Newsflash: Messy warehouses cause problems!

What’s Going On with Your Warehouse?

Problems with employee safety, inventory, and organization result in a warehouse that is not kept in presentable condition. The profitability of a site can be impacted by too many warehouse workers tripping over shrink wrap, pallets, and other encumbrances in warehouse aisles.

Sure, some warehouses are more difficult to clean than others. Gravel and dust from unsealed floors or parking lots is difficult to clean up, for example. But more negative issues can result from a dusty floor than just accidents. When your warehouse is clean, confidence and pride in the business are more likely to be present.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that, just because you know where something is located and can go right to it, your warehouse isn’t messy. You may not see the mess that you walk by every day. But to others, a sloppy warehouse can signal problems of a deeper nature with a business and a facility.

Let’s take a look at some of the other problems that can arise from a messy warehouse.

Impedes the Improvement Process

You won’t be able to get a good handle on how you can improve your facility or the picking process if, in no logical order, returns are mixed with mismatched inventory in a jumble of disorganization.

Efficiency Decreases

Productivity can be bottlenecked if, to access a pick location, you need to move pallets out of the way. Valuable energy and time are wasted if an employee, to fulfill an order, has to paw through return bins, search for missing inventory, and shuffle boxes around.

Employee Morale Suffers

As just suggested, if employees have to go through ridiculous steps just to pick an order, the morale of those employees is going to suffer. If an employee sees disorganization within the warehouse, they may begin to wonder how disorganized the entire company is. If you don’t care enough to keep the facility clean, one has to wonder, how much do you really care about your employees?

Management Problems Are Created

If the employees don’t like a dirty warehouse, wait until the CEO gets a load of it! The supervisor of a messy warehouse shouldn’t be surprised if they lose their job when the higher-up bosses see that mess. If an individual (as a supervisor) can’t control their domain, they certainly can’t manage the CEO’s business.

Potential Clients Can Be Dissuaded

On occasion, clients visit warehouses. A supplier or visitor that sees a disorganized warehouse might automatically assume that late shipping, inaccurate picking, and other problems exist. Clients want to know that the warehouse and the staff within are dependable and organized. A messy warehouse exhibits everything but!

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